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         In a beautiful forest, a beautiful butterfly and a squirrel lived. They were really great friends. They did everything together. The Butterfly loved the squirrel so much. But the Squirrel wanted to have other friends.

        One day, Squirrel heard that Rabbit and Fox were going to have a party and invited all their friends. The Squirrel wanted to go to the party and said: ‘’Can I come to the party.’ The Rabbit: ‘We invited just our friends and you aren’t our friend.’ The Squirrel was sad. But the Fox had an idea and said:’’ If you bring us to the Butterfly’s rose, you can come to the party. We heard that it’s unique.’ Although he knew that the Butterfly loved his rose more than anything, he accepted their offer. Because, the squirrel wanted to be friends with the Rabbit and the Fox and others.

       The Squirrel sneaked into the Butterfly’s house to take the rose. While he was leaving the house, the Butterfly came and understood what was happening. She accepted to give the rose to the Squirrel.

        The Squirrel was so happy. He gave the rose to the Fox and the Rabbit. They took the rose and said him leave. They made fun of him. The Squirrel was sorry for what he did to the Butterfly. He went to her house, but she wasn’t there. She had left the forest. The Squirrel had to be alone.

       MORAL OF THE FABLE: If you don’t know the value of your friends, you’ll be alone.

This is my fable. This is our webquest  project. We prepared a fable for young learners. In this fable, we try to explain a topic using animals. We prefer a butterfly and a squirrel. I hope, you will enjoy it. :D :D :D

While we are preparing the fable, we followed some steps. If you want to see it, click here

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