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 Hello my friends
 My friend İmren and I listened an interview about Isabella Huppert and we wrote it for you.
 If you want to listen, please click here

     In the interview, Jenni Murray is talking with Isabella Huppert, who is one of the greatest actresses of French cinema. Interview is about her latest cinema which is called to Home.

      The interview starts with the question ‘How would you define your character?’ Isabella Huppert defines her character saying that she is anything else but a mother.Also, she adds that she does not want to go away although her house was invaded. She doesn’t know what she would do. Her husband’s views are also important for her. Apart from these, Isabella Huppert states that she loves her character because she wears different clothes. She wears sexy dresses one day, but another day she chooses funny dresses which is belong to 1950s. As a second question, interviewer asks what the message of film is. She replies that actually there are several messages in the film, but final and most important message is that people need each other. Nobody is perfect. After this question, another question appears. Interviewer asks that generally you play psychopath and daring roles, why you prefer these roles and how you play these roles. Huppert said that firstly directors offer these roles and most of the time the audience wants these roles.She continues," I think that if you reach yourself, you can reach other people. At the same time, we actresses try to find positive aspects of the characters." Interviewer stresses that she played very complicated and different character in ‘A Piano Teacher’. Interviewer continues by asking:" While performing these roles, how much rely on the director?"  Huppert replies sincerely this question, and she stated that she trusted him % 100. She adds that it was dangerous but  one artist/actress doesn't rely on the director, he/she can’t success it. Then, interviewer states that she knew her comic talent also, so she asks a question about ‘eight women’ and in related to this, she asks that how much pressure she felt while working with seven women. Huppert says that it was really nice, the atmosphere was wonderful, it was quite well, because we were over-serious, over-bourgeois and sometimes both we were sexy and intellectual. Interviewer  wondered about Cannes and she states that she was one of the four members of the Cannes jury and asks about also there was a fight. Huppert strictly rejected it and states that she doesn’t know about fighting, it was a big lie. She states that she doesn’t know why news occurred. She assumes that it was because of being French and women.

 The interviewer asks about the film which is called to Anti-Christ. Huppert states that she loved this film because of the similarity to A Piano Teacher. Using  a soft voice tone, she says that sometimes darks can be converted into innocence.Finally it was asked why she is so private. Then she replies that she is not so private, just private. In my opinion if you build up walls around yourself, people respect you.
At the end, Jenny Murray asks about her daughter, but if I were the interviewer , I would ask  the differences between French and American cinemas. Also secondly, I would ask in the future what kind of films you prefer to play.


In my opinion this is difficult task and I worked with my friend İmren. Listening is difficult but also this is beneficial and important for us. Also writing is difficult for me but I tried to do my best. Thanks to this project, I learned a lot of information about Isabella Huppert. I learned new things about cinema,and as soon as possible, I will try to watch the films in this interview. 

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I wrote my opinions about the lesson. If you want to read it, click here. 


         In a beautiful forest, a beautiful butterfly and a squirrel lived. They were really great friends. They did everything together. The Butterfly loved the squirrel so much. But the Squirrel wanted to have other friends.

        One day, Squirrel heard that Rabbit and Fox were going to have a party and invited all their friends. The Squirrel wanted to go to the party and said: ‘’Can I come to the party.’ The Rabbit: ‘We invited just our friends and you aren’t our friend.’ The Squirrel was sad. But the Fox had an idea and said:’’ If you bring us to the Butterfly’s rose, you can come to the party. We heard that it’s unique.’ Although he knew that the Butterfly loved his rose more than anything, he accepted their offer. Because, the squirrel wanted to be friends with the Rabbit and the Fox and others.

       The Squirrel sneaked into the Butterfly’s house to take the rose. While he was leaving the house, the Butterfly came and understood what was happening. She accepted to give the rose to the Squirrel.

        The Squirrel was so happy. He gave the rose to the Fox and the Rabbit. They took the rose and said him leave. They made fun of him. The Squirrel was sorry for what he did to the Butterfly. He went to her house, but she wasn’t there. She had left the forest. The Squirrel had to be alone.

       MORAL OF THE FABLE: If you don’t know the value of your friends, you’ll be alone.

This is my fable. This is our webquest  project. We prepared a fable for young learners. In this fable, we try to explain a topic using animals. We prefer a butterfly and a squirrel. I hope, you will enjoy it. :D :D :D

While we are preparing the fable, we followed some steps. If you want to see it, click here

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My Wiki Project

Marmaraelt2/ Wikispaces/ My Wiki Project

This is my wiki project. I talked about acupuncture. Thanks to this project, I have a lot of information about acupuncture. However, I had difficulties while I am editing on wiki but I succeeded it. I think it is a good project for us.

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My Repurposing Idea

This is my repurposing idea. I used the bottle as a pencil box,at the same time, in order  to remember my homeworks, my programs etc. I hung some notes,so it is very useful for me.

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A Word Defining Me

I am always logical in my thinking. When something happens, I try to fınd it's logical parts. I search facts and ideas connecting to the situation, so I am a logical person.